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MLP wishlist - Jessica [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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MLP wishlist [Feb. 18th, 2005|11:04 pm]
here is my wish list of My Little Ponies

Ponies with specific details will be listed with name, year, series, hair/body/eye color, symbol)

* any sea ponies (including mermaid ponies)
* any merry go round series ponies (including the showtime beauty series)
* Seashell (Y2. earth pony. purple/green/green, seashells. sitting pose)
* Windy (Y2. unicorn. white/rainbow/blue. purple windy gusts)
* Love Melody (Y5. twice as fancy. purple/pink/pink. pink hearts white ribbons)
* Princess Misty (Y6. Princess unicorn. purple/pink/blue. gold medallion w/ pink stone)
* Magic Hat (Y6. Magic message. white/pink and purple/blue. purple hat) This was/is my very favorite pony. will pay generously for her in great condition.
* any sunshine series ponies
* any sparkle ponies
* any tropical ponies
* any ballerina ponies
* any petite ponies
* Year 9 princess pony in Pink

if you need help identifiying some ponies, check out dreamland-mlp.com

thanks you!